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Manifest your True Potential


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About Navixha

Life Coach Consultant - OYL Consulting by Navixha

I am a high-energy advocate and coach, committed to propelling individuals beyond challenges into a realm of joy and purpose. With over two decades of leading corporate IT initiatives and 25 years dedicated to personal development through coaching, I methodically sync strategic life blueprints with personal aspirations. My varied experience includes conducting mindset workshops across diverse settings, from the boardroom to the prison. 
As a specialist in personal enhancement and mindset cultivation, my primary objective is to ignite creativity and  purposeful enthusiasm.
I look forward to working with you on your journey toward personal excellence and inner happiness!

  • Excellence Trainer
  • Leadership and Life Coach
  • Women’s Leadership Champion
  • DEI Advocate
  • Speaker and Motivator
  • Seasoned Corporate Leader
  • Social Media Creator
  • Community Builder

Proclamation by The City of Philadelphia

The City of Philadelphia is strongly committed to all efforts supporting gender parity and closing the wage gap between men and women. Philadelphia is the proud home of countless distinguished women who have been tireless in their advocacy of equality for women. As the American economy continues to change and evolve, women have risen in leadership roles that have shaped our economy and influenced generations of women preparing for opportunities in newly available industries. The City of Philadelphia supports all efforts to increase awareness of women in the workforce and increase business opportunities for women.

What I want you to know is...

OYL Consulting

I’m here to guide your transformation — unlocking your best self, fostering growth, building resilience, and propelling you relentlessly towards unparalleled success.

— Navixha Bagga

OYL Consulting

About Organicize Your Life

Launched in 2018 during a personal low, Organicize Your Life (OYL) represents the evolution of my passion project. Originating as a creative blog, it transitioned into a conceptual platform and has now solidified as my official venture. Its enduring mission remains unwavering — to foster positive change, challenge stereotypes, and drive societal transformation through personal introspection and effort.

OYL encapsulates my dreams and serves as the fertile ground for my talents. At its core, it is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of daily life that we often needlessly overcomplicate. Through this platform, I share narratives from my journey, embracing both mistakes and lessons learned, and presenting ideas that spark positive change and nurture a growth mindset. The platform also welcomes change-makers, featuring motivating insights from their experiences and fostering open conversations.


Today, through OYL, I provide pathways for personal and organizational transformation, employing tools of introspection, partnership, and a growth mindset.

Organicize Your Life is not just a destination; it’s our collective journey.

G100: Mission Million - Pennsylvania State Chair, Human Resources & Talent Development

OYL Consulting

Let’s make a positive impact for women at the workplace! Would your organization like to partner?

G100 includes remarkable individuals from various fields—Nobel Laureates, Heads of States, Ministers, Businesswomen, Philanthropists, Investors, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Community Leaders.
At G100, founded by the visionary Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai, our goal is to give back and contribute to a future where we collectively shape positive change.
Our  mission is clear: to advocate for inclusivity, safety, and the economic and social empowerment of women globally, aiming to address gender gaps and achieve parity within this decade.

Women's Month networking event with mayor cherelle l. parker!

Mission : Personal Excellence

It is my mission is to empower individuals and organizations to reach their utmost potential. I guide them to unlock genuine potential, harness inherent strengths, break through limitations, and strive for the highest standards of achievement. Together, we embark on a transformative journey toward success and fulfillment in a harmonious environment.

OYL Consulting
OYL Consulting

Mission - Women's Empowerment

It is my mission to be a fervent advocate for women’s leadership. Recognizing diversity as the true asset of any society or company, I believe that women embody a formidable force of insightful, effective, and innate leadership. I am dedicated to empowering women, helping them recognize and embrace their inherent leadership qualities, and fostering a genuinely successful and equitable socioeconomic ecosystem.


Working with Navixha transformed my leadership journey into a broader quest for personal growth. These sessions enhanced self-awareness, discipline, and effectiveness in all aspects of life.
OYL Consulting
Dr.Payal Ray
Research Scientist
Impressed by her ability to create a safe space, I wholeheartedly recommend attending her program. It ensures fulfillment and leaves you in awe of the transformative experience.
OYL Consulting
Pradeepa Santu
My Dream Mrs. India 2022
This program has helped me manage my anxiety, adapt to new surroundings smoothly, regain focus, and tap into my creativity.
OYL Consulting
Apurva Bhati
Artist and Designer

Mindset Consulting Services

My programs offer specialized and comprehensive support for executives, leaders, and individuals aiming to reach their fullest potential, overcome challenges, break through barriers, and foster a growth mindset. I am dedicated to delivering customized developmental coaching tailored to the unique needs of each client. 

OYL Consulting
Women Empowerment

Experience our Workplace Women Empowerment Program, fostering a positive environment and ensuring long-term organizational success.

OYL Consulting
Inner Healing, Finding Joy

An immersive journey to mend emotional wounds and restore broken places through self-reconciliation. Embrace your authentic self and release what no longer serves you.

OYL Consulting
Breaking Barriers, Developing Purpose

Transformative growth is yours with our program, breaking through limitations, optimizing skills, and navigating challenges. Operate at your most heightened state!

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Ignite Your Inner Leader

Unlock your leadership potential by addressing weaknesses, honing core skills, and fostering a disciplined work ethic. Grow into your true potential!

Thriving Teens: Emotional Wellness & Leadership for 16+

Tailored for teens (16+), our workshop offers a transformative journey focused on emotional wellness and self-confidence. We delve into crucial topics like leadership, relationships, and managing peer pressure through interactive sessions and personalized coaching. Equip your teen with the skills to navigate school and life’s challenges authentically and resiliently. Reach out to discuss and empower your teen to unlock their full potential!


Authenticity Rooted In My Personal Journey

My offerings stem from my personal journey and experiences, fueled by an unwavering commitment to learn and grow. Each insight is a testament to the transformative power of continuous development.

OYL Consulting
OYL Consulting
OYL Consulting
OYL Consulting
OYL Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of life coaching can vary widely depending on factors such as the coach’s experience, expertise, location, and the specific services offered. On average, life coaching sessions can range from $75 to $300 per hour. Some coaches offer packages or longer-term commitments which may result in lower hourly rates. Additionally, executive coaches or specialized coaches may charge higher fees. It’s essential to research and find a coach whose qualifications, approach, and fees align with your needs and budget.

No. Although the client may not be reliant on the life coach, they may require the coach’s assistance in order to take full advantage of an opportunity or expedite their own personal development. Yes, a life coach is necessary in the sense that anyone with ambitious goals can benefit from the structure, counsel, and encouragement of a certified life coach. You don’t need to worry about developing an emotional or psychological dependence. Individuals who are successful and in good health on their own are the clients of life coaches. Life coaches don’t handle problems that arise in treatment. See a therapist if you begin to feel reliant on your life coach!
The frequency of meetings with your life coach depends on your individual needs, goals, and the structure of your coaching program. Typically, clients meet with their life coach once a week or every other week, but some may prefer more frequent sessions, such as multiple times per week, while others may opt for monthly meetings. Your coach will work with you to determine a schedule that best supports your progress and fits your lifestyle.
Life coaching sessions typically last between 45 minutes to an hour, although the exact duration can vary depending on the coach’s approach and the needs of the client. Some coaches may offer shorter sessions of 30 minutes, especially for check-ins or follow-ups, while others may conduct longer sessions for more in-depth exploration or intensive work. Ultimately, the session length is determined based on what is most effective for the client-coach relationship and the goals being addressed.
Our joint endeavor is to assist you in designing your own definition of a satisfying life. We’ll work together to build your sense of self-belief as I assist you in understanding your beliefs and strengths, defining your course, developing a clear vision, and cultivating a positive outlook.
An organizational leadership consultant assists businesses and organizations in optimizing their leadership strategies and enhancing overall performance. They provide guidance on improving leadership effectiveness, fostering teamwork, navigating change, and creating a positive organizational culture. This involves conducting assessments, offering coaching and training programs, facilitating workshops, and providing strategic advice tailored to the organization’s needs and goals.
You might recognize the need for a leadership development program within your organization through various indicators. These indicators could include observing issues such as unclear direction or lack of alignment among teams, low morale or disengagement among employees, challenges in retaining top talent, poor communication or collaboration, difficulties in adapting to change or overcoming obstacles, and a lack of innovation or continuous improvement efforts. When you notice these signs impacting organizational performance or employee satisfaction, it suggests an opportunity to invest in developing the leadership skills and capabilities necessary to address these challenges effectively. By recognizing these indicators and assessing the overall state of leadership within your organization, you can determine the potential benefits of implementing a leadership development program to support your leaders in driving positive change and achieving organizational success.
Mindset and life coaching is a collaborative process focused on empowering individuals to overcome challenges, develop a positive mindset, and achieve their goals. In sessions, expect open, supportive conversations where you explore your values, beliefs, and aspirations. Your coach will help you identify and overcome limiting beliefs, set actionable goals, and develop strategies for success. You can anticipate receiving encouragement, accountability, and support as you work towards personal growth and transformation. Sessions are tailored to your needs, providing a safe space for reflection, exploration, and empowerment. Ultimately, mindset and life coaching help you unlock your potential, navigate life’s challenges, and create a fulfilling and purposeful life.
Please use the contact button at the top of the site to book your consultation call. We can then talk through which package will suit what you’re looking to achieve.