Thriving Teens!

What Is The Thriving Teens Coaching Program About?

The Thriving Teens coaching program is designed to empower teenagers to enhance their emotional wellness and leadership skills. Through personalized coaching sessions, we address core components such as emotional intelligence, healthier interpersonal relationships, managing peer pressure and bullies, self-confidence building, time management, leadership development, and fostering greater self-esteem and self-love.

How are the coaching sessions conducted, and is confidentiality maintained during the process?

I conduct the coaching sessions virtually, based on your teen’s schedule and availability, offering flexible scheduling options to accommodate their busy calendars and ensure convenience. Typical duration to see results is between 3 and 6 months.

Yes, confidentiality is strictly maintained throughout the coaching process. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for every program. All information shared during sessions is kept confidential, and I adhere to professional ethics and standards to ensure the privacy and trust of my teenage clients.


What Areas Do You Focus On?

In this program, we focus on several key areas to support the holistic development of teenagers:

Emotional Wellness: Helping teens cultivate emotional resilience, cope with stress, and manage their emotions effectively.

Emotional Intelligence: Developing awareness of emotions, empathy, and effective communication skills to navigate social interactions and relationships.

Healthier Interpersonal Relationships: Building skills for establishing and maintaining positive, supportive relationships with peers, family, and others.

Managing Peer Pressure & Bullies: Providing strategies to resist negative peer influences, assert boundaries, and address bullying behavior effectively.

Enhancing Self-Confidence: Boosting self-esteem, fostering a positive self-image, and empowering teens to believe in their abilities and worth.

Time Management: Teaching practical time management techniques to help teens prioritize tasks, set goals, and balance responsibilities effectively.

Enhancing Leadership Abilities: Cultivating leadership skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication to empower teens to lead with confidence and influence positively.

Developing Greater Self-Esteem and Self-Love: Encouraging self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-care practices to foster a strong sense of self-worth and fulfillment.

Leadership Development

What Makes The Thriving Teens Coaching Program Unique?

The Thriving Teens coaching program stands out for its holistic approach to teenage development, focusing on emotional wellness, interpersonal skills, and leadership development. I work closely not just with the teen, but keep an open and informed relationship with the parents to discuss progress and concerns. I am here to provide personalized support and tools to help teens thrive in all aspects of their lives!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Thriving Teens Program is a specialized coaching and mentoring service provided by OYL Consulting, designed to empower teenagers to navigate the challenges of adolescence and emerge as confident, resilient individuals.

The program is designed for teenagers and young adults seeking guidance and support to overcome obstacles, build essential life skills, and thrive during the transition to adulthood.

The program addresses a wide range of topics relevant to teenagers, including but not limited to academic success, goal setting, time management, stress management, communication skills, self-esteem, peer relationships, and decision-making.

The program begins with an initial assessment to identify the specific needs and goals of the participant. Based on this assessment, a personalized coaching plan is developed, which may include one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops, and interactive activities tailored to the individual’s needs.

To enroll your teenager in the Thriving Teens Program, simply visit the OYL Consulting website and fill out the contact form to request more information. A member of the OYL Consulting team will reach out to you to discuss your teenager’s needs and goals and guide you through the enrollment process.